Monday, May 04, 2009


I never followed the X-Men comic series, but I understand they are good. I mean I guess so since they made three, well now four films based on them.
I have followed the movies, as I like super-hero films. (I grew up watching Shazam!).
Wolverine was another great flick, and on par with the other X-Men films if not a little toned down. Was it as good as Ironman or *gasp* The Dark Knight? Pa Shaw! (Does anyone still say that?) Of course it wasn't.
But if you are an X-Men faithful, or need a super-hero fix, then you won't be disappointed with Wolverine's Origin movie. It has a cast of colorful characters, a typical comic book story line, and ties the character in nicely with the other X-Films. Hugh Jackman is perfect for the part!
So slither, teleport, fly, or use whatever mutated mode of transportation you have and check out X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine!

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