Thursday, March 02, 2006


How cool is this? Inflatable Screen Pro 28165. The viewing screen size is 28' wide by 16.5' high (16:9 widescreen format) . The Inflatable frame places the screen 5 feet high off the ground.This is the optimum size for an Outdoor Theater Setup. This summer I will have a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon...In my backyard! You can find these godzilla sized screens on ebay for 5-12 grand. Won't the neighbors love me!

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"Jet" said...

OMG! My husband would salivate if I showed this to him... Key word being "if"!! We'd have to spring and buy this like our big screen!! ;o) It looks like you can reincarnate the drive-in at your own home and save on the concession prices!!

Hope all is well!!