Friday, December 02, 2005

Movie Friday

I have only seen two or three of the animated Aeon Flux episodes on MTV. They were interesting and disturbing at the same time. And I never saw enough of the series to understand what the premise was. Fortunately none of those are a problem for the movie Aeon Flux.

I first saw Charlize Theron in the fun caper movie, The Italian Job. I fell in love with her acting and Mini Coopers. I did not see her in her Academy Award winning role she played in Monster. (shudder). In Aeon Flux she plays a highly trained assassin working with a group of rebels that are fighting against the system in which they live. The earth's population was wiped out by a virus and only a city full remain. They were saved by a brilliant scientist named Trevor Goodchild. But people are beginning to suspect there is nothing "good" about Trevor as people are mysteriously disappearing. Aeon is sent to kill him.

The movie is very fast paced and we are slowly given the complete storyline throughout the movie as the dialogue is interspersed with the action. The film is not too deep, and the plot twists are cliche and weak, but never the less, the visuals of the near-future city and set design was suburb. I really believed the world exsisted as presented. It was a fun film to watch and I feel I got my five-fiftys worth.

Catch it before its buried by a large hairy ape.

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Jetting Through Life said...

Not a very good review... It looked interesting...