Saturday, December 17, 2005

Movie Friday

Stunning special effects and incredible scenery are King in this re-make of a classic, KING KONG. I would try and compare it to the 1976 version starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange but I honestly can't remember much about it.

I do remember that the Jeff and Jessica film was set in more modern times, with Kong climbing the World Trade Center. Peter Jackson's film is more of a period piece being set in the 1930's. I think he pulled that off quite well. It is amazing to see what Times Square might have looked like then.

The film starts out in New York during the depression, where work is hard to find. We follow the life of two people in the entertainment business who have something in common. They are both on the outs. Ann Darrow, played by Naomi Watts is an actress who has just lost her job and her theater is closed. Carl Denham a movie maker, played by Jack Black, is on the verge of having his film cancelled. His leading lady has turned the part down and the producers are hanging him out to dry. That's when he has a chance meeting with Ann Darrow.

He whisks her off to film on an exotic location. A secret island that no one knows about. Carl had come across a map showing the location of the island and he will let nothing stop him from making his movie there. In fact it is about an hour until we get to see the Island and its "Jurrasic Park" inhabitants. This is where "part two" of the film takes place. Ann has fallen in love with the screen play writer, Jack Driscoll played by Adrian Brody, on the voyage to the Island. We also get to meet the crew of the ship and find that it is full of heroes, including the captain and first mate. Interestingly Carl Denham slowly becomes a villin as members of his film crew are killed on the island and Carl says, "They died doing what they believed in! This film! And I will make sure it is completed and the proceeds go to their family!"

After his camera and film is destroyed in a little tussle with the big ape, he realizes he is ruined unless he can convince the captain to help capture Kong and take him back as a prize. I was a bit sad that after they do capture Kong, there are no scenes showing the boat ride back to New York.

The last part of the film simply starts on stage in New York at the premiere of KING KONG, the Eighth Wonder of the World. And of course that's where all ape breaks lose.

King Kong does its job. It entertains you for three hours. You know Peter, he can't make a short film. Breath taking scenes and visuals. Long action packed sequences, and one campy scene with Kong and Naomi on the ice in central park *rolls eyes.*

Don't monkey around and go see it on the BIG SCREEN!


Jetting Through Life said...

WOW!! Great write up! You have talked me into seeing the movie, eventually!! If I don't like it you owe me popcorn!!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

-Bill said...

Yes the movie rocks! Send me the bill for the popcorn if you don't like it. ;)