Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Love Christmas Lights

Their soft quite glow in the dark of the night is somehow comforting. Sometimes I stand on the porch alone in the cold and stare up at the twinkling motes. No screaming kids, no blaring TV, no keyboard demanding attention, no bills to pay, just me and the winking little balls of light. It can be peaceful for just a moment to collect my thoughts and take a deep breath.

The weather was not too cold this afternoon, so Lyn suggested I drag the lights out and put some up before it gets frigid for the rest of the year. Tangled icicle lights, twisted lighted garland, the blinking star, spiral trees, and coiled rope lights. Ladders, extension cords, plugs, and burned out bulbs.

Ahhh peace on earth. OK maybe not, but peace on my porch at least.

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