Saturday, November 05, 2005


Want a good incremental backup system? Want a FREE incremental backup system? I recommend Cobian Backup 7. If you have precious digital photos, tons of mp3s or important files you should back these up to cd or dvd and take them "offsite." Cobian is a great program for that. I suggest doing a full back up four times a year and incrementals every time something new is added. There is an online tutorial to help you. Check it out!

Want a better alternative to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer? I recommend irfanview. This freeware program has many more options than the windows app, including things like Lossless JPG rotation, email option, and cut/crop features.

Finally, would you like to learn a foreign language? For free? How about French? (PUKE!) Well this is for Jetting Through Life's little girl who likes Spanish. Check out, this is a portal site that will guide you to many free online language courses. ¡adiĆ³s!

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Jetting Through Life said...

Thanks for the plug Bill!! How sweet! My dear daughter would love it as well!!