Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Hobby?

I have always wanted a GPS (global positioning system). Why? Because they are cool. Because they are a gadget and I am a gadget guy. But I have never bought one. They are expensive and I really didn't have a use for one except for when I went hiking in the mountains. And I haven't done that in a while.

I was listening to TWiT today and they interviewed the creator of He explained an emerging new hobby where people are burying little caches of interesting trinkets all over the country and marking their location with a GPS unit. Then they post either clues to the coordinates or the coordinates themselves on the internet. So other people in the area can take their GPS unit and hunt for the hidden cache. The cache usually has a log book you can sign and if you want you can take the trinket (A knife, a coin, a whistle, etc.) and replace it with something you brought. What a neat idea.

You can learn more about this new "sport" at

Now I have an excuse to buy one!

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-Bill said...

According to geocaching, As of today (11/16/05), there are 215,154 active caches in 218 countries. Good Hunting!