Thursday, November 17, 2005

Send yourself an 20 years!

If you could talk to yourself in the future what would you say? is allowing us to create an email that you can send to yourself and then select when you would like to recieve it in the future. In one year? Five years? Ten or twenty years?

Its sort of like a digital time capsule. Perhaps you could describe to yourself what events are taking place in your life or in the world at this time. Or perhaps describe what you think or hope your life will be like in ten or twenty years and see how close you come.

I'll most likely pick a ten year "time capsule" a decade should be about right for touching base with my future self. I suggest using an email hosted by hotmail or gmail. Since these emails are more likely to be around in 10 or 20 years than say your current ISP account.

Click here to go to the Forbes Time Capsule Email.

See ya in ten years!

1 comment:

-Bill said...

It's too darn bad I can't send an email to my past self!

"Invest in Microsoft and Dell you fool!"