Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shot Through the Heart

It's an old formula. Tell someone you love them (on TV) and they are sure to die. On LOST last night, Sayid told Shannon he loved her and not a minute later...BLAM! She's dead. Shannon is the second "major" character to die on LOST, following her brother Boone who died last season. She turned out to not be the spolied rich brat we all were led to believe she was in the first season.

On a side note. Two other potential lovers, Jack and Kate were not shown on last nights episode. I was trying to remember if they have never been shown on an episode before. (Help me out here LOST fans). Don't tell Kate you love her Jack!

Next week looks awesome! We get to see what happened to the tail section of flight 815 and the people that survived. Plus it is an extened episode. (So fix those VCRs!)

Shhhhhh! I hear whispers....

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Jetting Through Life said...

Thanks for the update... My TiVo went mental last night and didn't record it!!